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Hi I am Elise. I am 12 years old and this is where I post my Ron Paul curriculum work and other things such as quizzes and fun stuff!!! Hope you enjoy keep scrolling down to find my posts and other things 🙂

The Influenza Virus

The Influenza virus commonly known as the flu was discovered in 1918 in the US military. It started a pandemic called the Spanish flu. The pandemic infected 1/3 of the world’s population at the time, which was 500 million people! Approximately 50 million people died because of it. The Influenza virus has many symptoms such … Continue reading The Influenza Virus

St Thomas Aquinas

This is what I learned about St Thomas Aquinas. He was born on the 28th of January 1225. His father was a count and so they lived in a castle. He also had brothers but they were in the military. When he was at university he learned about a small, new order of monks called … Continue reading St Thomas Aquinas

The Story of Elizebeth, Chapter Two, The Unperfect Baby

“Push Margret, Push!” The doctor said. “Aghhhh!!” Margret yelled. “Oh look it’s a baby girl,” The doctor said happily, “what are you going to name her?” “Elizebeth seems like a fitting name,” Margret said holding Elizebeth. “I agree miss Margret,” the doctor said. “Wait Elizebeth. I knew a Margret, but she died,” Apple said, interrupting … Continue reading The Story of Elizebeth, Chapter Two, The Unperfect Baby

Autumn Drawing Contest Part 7

Hey guys! What’s up? Today is the seventh part of The Autumn Drawing Contest series. Before we do anything though let’s congratulate last week’s winner which was… Tinyshroom and Corrie S.P. Wow, a tie never had that happen! Anyway, let’s get on with it. This week’s challenge was to draw a witch! Let’s see the … Continue reading Autumn Drawing Contest Part 7

Q and A Time!

Hey, Luckies! What is happening today? Today I am doing a science class and going over to my friend’s house! Anyway, a couple days ago I asked you guys to ask me some questions and today I am gonna answer them. Let’s start! Grandmariri: Q: What are you being for Halloween? A: Cruella Devil! What … Continue reading Q and A Time!

Q and A?

Hi, Luckies! Today I want to do a Q and A. So please leave me some questions in the comments so I can answer them in the next post. Sorry, this post is short! Anyway byeeeeeeee!

The First Crusade

It all started in 1096. The Muslims were expanding beyond the Middle East and into Eastern Europe, where they conquered the Holy Land or Jerusalem. Some Christians were living there and the Muslims were treating those Christians poorly. When the people heard about this they were outraged. Pope Urban II called the people to arms … Continue reading The First Crusade

Autumn Drawing Contest Part 6

Hi, Luckies! What’s up? Anyway, let’s get on with the post! Before we do anything though let’s congratulate last week’s winner which was: Mia! Yay, go Mia! Last week’s challenge was to draw/paint a jack-o-lantern and we got three entries so let’s see them: This is Corrie’s picture ^. It is realistic and very nice! … Continue reading Autumn Drawing Contest Part 6

A Girl, a Jungle, and a Banana Leaf

“Serpentina! Come home! Right now!” “Ok, Mom,” Serpentina said. She was playing with her friends in the village square but quickly ran inside her home. Serpentina was around 13 years old and had long straight black hair. “What do you want, Mom?” “Didn’t you hear?” Her mom asked. “Hear what?” Serpentina asked suspiciously, “Is it … Continue reading A Girl, a Jungle, and a Banana Leaf

Autumn Drawing Contest Part 5

Helloooooo Luckies! Before we do anything the winner of last week’s challenge was… Spicy Pepper!!!!!!! Good job Spicy Pepper!! This week’s challenge was A Person Enjoying Autumn so let’s see the pictures: This is Mia’s drawing^. I love it!! It looks like anime and the leaf pile is also very good! This is Tinyshroom’s drawing … Continue reading Autumn Drawing Contest Part 5

Autumn Drawing Challenge Part 3

Hellooooo Luckies!!! Autumn drawing Challenge part 3 is here! Just before we start the winner of the Autumn Drawing Challenge part 2 is… Drumroll, please! Tiny Shroom!!!!!!!! Good Job Tiny Shroom!!! If you forgot this week’s challenge was to draw an Autumn animal or an animal enjoying Autumn. We have two entries, so let’s see … Continue reading Autumn Drawing Challenge Part 3

I Went Ziplining?

Yes, you heard that right I went ziplining!!! I went ziplining over 400 meters in the air!! We had to climb up this bridge and then we had to zipline over water!! I also went with my best friend :). It was so much fun, but it wasn’t my first time ziplining I went ziplining … Continue reading I Went Ziplining?

Strike Out Tag

Hellooooooooooooooooo Luckies! Today I am doing a Strike-Out Tag. The Rules “The rules for the tag are simple (like, so simple that they don’t have rules): just strike out whichever of the items on the list you’ve done! And you can explain the how, when, and why of it if you like! And I guess … Continue reading Strike Out Tag


Originally posted on Drawing All Day:
HEY GUYS! I had to repost this because I only got one entry </3 which is really sad so if you guys could please share this with everyone you know then that would be sooooo great and pleaseeeee re-post it on your blogs! I would love that so we…

How The Greek Worldview Influenced Myths And Stories Lesson 115 Grade 6 English

This is how the Greek worldview affected myths and stories. Greeks made their gods look like real people and made them have human characteristics. For instance, Hera, was very jealous because her husband (Zeus) was always having other girlfriends. Ares was known for having a bad trait which was vengeful and always wanted war. Zeus … Continue reading How The Greek Worldview Influenced Myths And Stories Lesson 115 Grade 6 English

Happy (Late) 4th Of July

Happy 4 of July! What did everybody do? We bought sparklers and played with them in the yard. Since Australia doesn’t allow fireworks, we had to work with what we got. We are also babysitting a dog, so he stayed with us for the 4th of July! We also did an acting camp on the … Continue reading Happy (Late) 4th Of July

Drawing Contest Extended

Hi, Luckies so I only got one drawing from corrie so she automatically wins! It is a bird and so because a bird sings so it is a singer! Give it up for Corrie!!!!! I am extending the contest to July 20th. Please repost so that way more people can join. Thank you! The new … Continue reading Drawing Contest Extended

Happy July!

Hi, Luckies! Happy July! Hope you guys are ready for Independence day ( if you celebrate it)! Here are some things that happened in June: I cut my hair so that it is really short, read a boat ton of books, and did a couple of paintings (that will go on my art blog soon)! … Continue reading Happy July!

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